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We focus on what we’ve been doing: Custom Plastic Extrusions and Manufacture. Our engineering team is composed of well-known experts with more than 10 years experience in this industrial. We will work with you in terms of designing assistance, tooling, fabrication and provide new pricing on existing extruded plastic products, which help to make the most cost-effective for your plastic extruded products. and our experienced opinion on current plastic extrusion design ideas is able to assist you in optimizing your company’s plastic profile extrusion designs. When customization, precision, quality, and cost are keys for your plastic extruded products. our company will help you to get the best one.

Industry Leading Manufacturer of Plastic Extruded Products

Since 2006 till now, we have been the leading manufacturer of high-quality, precisely engineered plastic extrusion products. We also provide molding and custom engineering for customers from the world for plastic profile extrusion needs. we welcome the opportunity to combine our experience and expertise work with your next plastic extruded products program.

Plastic extrusion processing
Extruded plastic Finishing with the texture of metal

In 2017, Our company and the local engineering materials research institute jointly developed the alloy material of imitation metal texture, which was a great success. This material will be used to replace the profiles in furniture, electronics, electrical appliances, and machinery. Product features: Make products with the style and texture of wood, metal, or other more materials. These finishes are extruded into the custom plastic extrusion profiles by themselves when they are extruded. It is not like finishing process for metal parts which is worked after ready to give it the surface finishing it needs.

Plastic profile extrusion for imitation metal texture
Custom Plastic Extrusions

Custom plastic profile extruding is our focus, technology from co-extrusion to multi-extrusion, shape from regular to irregular, materials from rigid to flexible, We extrude dozens of materials into thousands of custom shapes. For more information, please learn more

Plastic profile extrusion
lighting cover

Material: PC/PMMA, high transparent, opal, frosted and double color extrusion;

1), high light transmission rate85%-92%,
2), luminousness is uniform without visible dots,
3), Surface smooth without line and drawing,
4), Easy to install, ( lay-in, snap-in, clip-on and other options)
5), It is available to choose Fireproof UL 94V-0,
6), UV protection (very good resistance to weathering)
7), It won’t turn yellow even Exposed outside for a long time

Wall&corner guards

Extruded wall guard protection
Materials: PVC (soft, hard), PETG, ABS or two-color co-extrusion
Features: – L Shaped 90° Angle, Undrilled
– Protective corner guards
– Hold down brackets
– Guide tracks
– Wall joiners
– Edge trim

Application: building materials, decoration materials, edging, packaging, anti-collision,


1), Co-extrusion: soft and hard PVC co-extrusion or multiple colors co-extrusion,
PC double-color co-extrusion, PVC and PMMA co-extrusion, metal co-extrusion coated or others materials, seamless, precision and stability technology for           co-extrusion,

2),  – Metal coated co-extrusion series: plastic with metal,
– Metallic Co-extrusion Series: The surface can be extruded at one time without surface treatment. The surface smooth exceed the surface treatment            (including injection, oxidation, electroplating),

Plastic profile extrusions

Material :
2), Flexible: PVC, TPU, TPE, POE, TPR, TPV, TPEE, etc.

Shape :
Round tube, linear, semi-circular, elliptical, square, triangular, porous tube, U-shaped, D-shaped, T-shaped, A-shaped, B-shaped, C-shaped, H-shaped, L-shaped, F-shaped, Z-shaped, X-shaped, plum tube, a variety of different shape of profiles and other profiles.

Soft plastic Extrusions

Material: PVC, TPE, TPU, TPR, TPV, TPEE, etc.

Shape:  round tube, linear, semi-circular, elliptical, square, triangular, porous tube, U-shaped, D-shaped, T-shaped, A-shaped, B-shaped, C-shaped, H-shaped, L-shaped, F-shaped, Z-shaped, X-shaped, plum tube, a variety of different types of profiles and other profiles.

Applications: Sealed products, edging, liquid, gas or medical device applications,

Tube Extrusions

-Flexible Tubing: Polyurethane, Santoprene, FPVC, LDPE, LLDPE, Nylon 6
-Semi-Rigid Tubing: PP and HDPE
-Rigid Tubing: Polycarbonate, RPVC, ABS, high impact polystyrene HIPS and acrylic


Complete QC Management System


From looking for premium materials suppliers to workshop process and final quality assurance, we have our own professional team to finished it based on company’s policy, and all the checking procedures have to be logged into our quality system.

Repeatability&Reproducibility processing standards keep product repeatability and reproducibility every time.

Discontinued management for customers.  As the industrial product, the worst matter is that the supplier stops producing a previous product without any corresponding follow-up service when you already cost much on advertisement and sale channel coverage.


With many years OEM service experience for many customers from lots of countries, we are quite familiar with the test requirements in the market, such as SGS、ROHS、REACH etc certifications. ISO9001:2008

Guarantee money back if final products cannot meet the buyers’ orders, and we joined trade assurance to reduce the risk of the buyer.

Perfect after-sales service plastic extrusion to make sure you 100% satisfaction.

Advanced management experience and warehouse management system to help us reduce inventory and saving cost.

We updated production equipment with more automation instead of manual labor.


With years experience extruding plastic products, parts, and components of different applications, we are committed to sustainable, environmentally-responsible practices in our manufacturing practices and material selection to suit your every need.