Difference between lighting PC cover and PMMA cover

PC (Polycarbonate) cover and PMMA (acrylic) cover are the two types of lampshades most commonly used by us at present, these two materials have their own characteristics, customers often choose it based on their requirement. Currently, most linear lights are used PC cover/diffuser.

Because PC lampshade structure is relatively simple, light transmittance rate is high, and high temperature resistant,breakage-proof, Also, PC material has excellent electrical insulation, extensibility dimensional stability and chemical corrosion resistance, higher strength, heat resistance, and cold resistance. Meanwhile, it has self – extinguishing, flame – retardant, non – toxic, coloring, and other advantages

PMMA cover structure is more complicated, the injection molding process is relatively higher,it would be easy to crack if processing two molding, and be cautious when packing for PMMA cover is easy to broken ,
the advantage for it is high temperature resistant and light transmittance rate, it was often used in car taillights and street lights,

Above is the difference between PC cover and PMMA cover, Normally, for recess mounting linear light used PC cover, for some special requirements such as very high transmittance could select transparent PMMA cover.