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Custom Plastic Extrusion Company, Shenzhen BOLILAI , was founded in Shenzhen in 2006.

Starting with one extruder, we began life by making PVC profiles and Led covers. After a couple of years, we have grown into a 4,700-square-meter factory with designing, moudling&tooling and manufacturing integrated enterprises, such as independently developed unique cooling molding methods for extrusion dies: including vacuum setting profile, vacuum setting inner diameter, thermoplastic material molding, PVC/ABS high precision water top mold

With over 12 years of experience in making the highest quality plastic extrusions. From simple tubing to large complex parts that have been used in submarines, we have the knowledge and ability to make your plastic extrusion to the highest standards.

To better respond to customers needs and provide top quality, precisely engineered products , We have many advanced computer gongs CNC machining center, large EDM machine and engraving machine, various lathe and milling machine mold manufacturing equipment, as well as extrusion equipment, fixed length cutting integrated automatic production equipment, processing include punching, drilling, reaming, milling groove processing, bending and so on. Also, we passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification.

In 2017, Our company and the local engineering materials research institute jointly developed the alloy material of imitation metal texture, which was a great success. This material will be used to replace the profiles in furniture, electronics, electrical appliances and machinery. Product features: the surface of the product can be extruded in one time without surface treatment, the surface can achieve and exceed the effect of surface treatment (including oil injection, oxidation, electroplating), and the metal texture will never fall off.

Our company continues to focus on meeting our customer’s needs by listening to their requirements, welcome customers to make a field inspection of our factory.


  2. Flexible:PVC,TPU,TPE,POE,TPR,TPV,TPEE etc,


Circular tube, linear, semicircular, elliptic, square, triangular, porous tube, U-shaped, D-shaped, T-shaped, A-shaped, B-shaped, C-shaped, H-shaped, L-shaped, F-shaped, Z-shaped, X-shaped, plum tube, various kinds of special-shaped combined materials.


Building & Construction, Electrical, Fencing, Food Industry, Furniture, Windows & Doors, Water & Sewer,Health Care ,lighting, etc,

Details as below

1, PC (PMMA) LED lamp cover and parts,

2, PETG/PVC/ABS/PMMA/PP corner guards,

3, Soft and hard co-extrusion, various of materials co-extrusion, double, multicolor co-extrusion products,

4, Toy/gift industry: hard bar, soft bar, irregular profiles,

5, Office furniture industry: rigid pipe, soft pipe, clip, welt, decorative board, door seal strip;

6, Household electrical appliance industry: sealing strips, decorative strips, structural parts,

7, Building decoration materials industry: sealing strip, gusset plate, decorative strip, special-shaped components;

8, PVC supermarket display/label plate, soft and hard co-extrusion profiles;

9, PA/PP/PVC, etc, automobile extrusion profiles,

10, HIPS/ABS/PVC plastics construction/building materials,

11, PE/PVC/ABS/HIPS furniture accessories,

12, PVC/PP/PE/PS/ABS electronics extrusion accessories,

13, PVC/PP/PE/PS/ABS sports equipment accessories;

14, PVC/PP/PE/PS/ABS process piping/picture frame decorative edge sealing strip;

15, Electronic communications industry: components shell, antenna tube, structural parts;

16, PP/AS/PVC/PETG process straw/profile material/environmental grade food pipe.

Extra service:

CNC Machining