With years experience extruding plastic products, parts, and components of different applications, we are committed to sustainable, environmentally-responsible practices in our manufacturing practices and material selection to suit your every need.


It is a light-weight, strong, rigid, resilient thermoplastic material. It has high impact and high mechanical strength, excellent electrical properties, and abrasion and moisture resistant.


Good balance of stiffness, impact resistance, low-temperature performance, and colorability. Available as a natural colored, colorable compound.

ABS is used for applications in the construction, plumbing, marine, and furniture industries, products such as

Tubing, Trays & storage bins, Automotive parts, POP components, Signage,  Office equipment, Appliance components, etc

PVC/ Polyvinyl chloride

It is a popular material for a wide range of plastic products. It is a durable material, exhibits chemical and biological resistance, rigid plastic and could make it be flexible.


Good balance of tensile strength, tear resistance, and weatherability.  Available as a natural colored, colorable compound, and it a cost-effective material .

PVC is widely used in the automotive, construction, plumbing, marine, furniture, and RV, window & door, and farm & garden industries,  products such as

Tubing, Seals, Gaskets, Trim, Channels, Housings, Guarding, Window & door frames, etc


It is copolymers that consist of materials with thermoplastic and elastomeric properties.


Strong, abrasion-resistant, and oil and grease resistant. They are highly resilient, impact and tear resistant. TPEs are available as rigid and soft compounds and can be easily colored

TPEs is widely used in automotive, household appliance, medical device, and building and construction applications.

Products such as Tubing,Trim and seals,Automotive components,Equipment guides and guards, Expansion joints, etc


It is a stable material that is hard, rigid, and easy to process. It is not waterproof, and low cost ,


High gloss, FDA grades available, Low cost, Good rigidity

TPEs is widely used for applications in the appliance, automotive, electronics, furniture, and point of purchase industries,

Products such as Tubing, Trim, Electronic equipment housings,Machine guards and guides, etc


It offers good resistance to alcohol, solvents, and gas, with fair resistance to moisture. PETG is impact resistant and strong, and exhibits high mechanical strength.


High-temperature resistance, Excellent toughness, Some grades FDA approved, Excellent clarity.

PETG is used for applications in the point-of-purchase/display, retail, construction, and medical industries. Products such as POP displays, Tubing, Housings, Edge protectors, Corner guards


It exhibits extremely low moisture absorption and has excellent insulating properties and dimensional stability.  It is lightweight, has superior impact strength, and performs well in sustained raised temperatures.


High heat resistance, Good electrical insulation properties, Excellent hydraulic stability, Good dimensional stability

It is used for applications in the construction, plumbing, marine, furniture, and chemical and petrochemical processing industries. Products such as Equipment housings, Channels, Seals, Gaskets, Electrical covers, Busbars


Polyethylene is one of the most common plastics in use today. A thermoplastic polymer, polyethylene is available in different polymers grouped by the molecular weight, or density.

HDPE – High density polyethylene is defined by a density greater than or equal to 0.941 g/m3.

MDPE – Medium density polyethylene is defined by a density range of 0.926 – 0.940 g/m3.

LDPE – Low density polyethylene is defined by a density range of 0.910 – 0940 g/m3.


Polyethylene is a low cost, easy-to-process material. Some are recyclable.

It is used for applications in the construction, plumbing, marine, furniture, and automotive industries. Products such as Seals, Tubing, Shims, Weather-strips, Guards, Cord, Bindings, Step treads, Chock Blocks


It is a strong, durable material with a high melting point, high tensile and compressive strength, excellent dielectric properties, and is resistant to most acids and solvents. It is weatherproof and has low moisture absorption.


Good balance of strength, impact resistance, excellent moisture resistance, and food grades available.

It is used for applications in the construction, electrical, medical device, automotive, furniture, and chemical and petrochemical processing industries. Products such as Tubing, Medical device components, Machine guides, and guards, Weatherstripping, Window & door seals & trim.


It has high impact strength due to its extremely long molecular chains. It is resistant to corrosive materials (with the exceptions of oxidizing acids) and exhibits superior resistance to moisture absorption.


High abrasion resistance, Great impact strength, Good chemical resistance, Self lubricating.

It is used for applications in the construction, plumbing, marine, furniture, and RV industries. Products such as Profiles, Automotive components, Window components, Gaskets


It provides good compression and tension properties, chemical resistance, resistance to temperature extremes, dimensional stability, and durable performance.


Low compression and tension set, Easily processed, Fatigue resistant, Good tear strength.

It is used for applications in the construction, automotive, appliance, electrical, and medical device industries. Products such as Weather seals, Gaskets, Trims, etc


It is flexible, tough and durable and, due to its components, can be modified to be weather-resistant, scratch-resistant, paintable, and low odor.


Excellent weather resistance, Good tear strength, Impact resistant

It is used for applications in automotive, building and construction, and battery applications. Products such as Automotive components, including bumpers, interior and exterior trim, and floor mats, Seals.


It is abrasion resistant, oil and grease resistant and has strong mechanical properties. Like other thermoplastic elastomers, it is elastic and is melt-processable. It is transparent and easily colored.


Chemical resistance, Low-temperature flexibility, Abrasion and wear resistant, Good processability.

TPU is used for applications in the automotive, medical device, conveyor, and sporting goods industries. Products such as Automotive and vehicle side molding and supports, Seals, Belting, Gaskets, Tubing, etc


Acrylic provides a good balance of strength, weatherability, and clarity. Available as a clear compound, that can be tinted, frosted or diffused.